Living from God’s Presence

Christianity is not a cause we fight for. It is a relationship that we live from.

So, we are meant to live from approval, not for it.

Whenever we live for approval we work for something that already exists.

A conversation
“I do this so you will love me and reward me.” Says a person to God.

“I already love you and your reward is in my hand.” Replies God.

“Then how do I live now?”

“Let us love one another in close relationship.”

“But what shall I do. How shall I live?”

“By loving one another.”

“But what shall I do?”

“Any doing shall follow on from loving each other.”

“But what shall I end up doing?”

“Love me, trust me and you shall see!”

“Oh. This sounds all too hard for me!”

“Can’t you love & trust me?”

“Yes, but…I need to know how I shall live. Where will my money come from?”

“Love & trust me. Actually it is really very simple.”

“I’m still not sure. I’m frightened!”

“Do not be afraid. I love you and will provide for you.”

“Thank you. I will try!”

Practicing God’s Presence
An excellent source for further research into this foundational area of Christianity is a little book called The Practice of The Presence & The Spiritual Maxims by Brother Lawrence. Published by Cosimo Classics.

I have found that purposeful contemplation over its’ pages releases an abundance of rich spiritual depths, despite the antiquated English, originally translated from French.



I'm passionate about the workplace, keen to see people enter into what God is doing there. I'm married to an extraordinary woman, Adrienne, have 3 amazing daughters, 2 great sons-in-law and 5 grandchildren. I live a very blessed life and am truly thankful to God for it!
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