When Jesus attended the wedding at Cana he suddenly found himself in a ‘moment’, being the vehicle for a much-needed miracle.

We rest in union with the Father and then a ‘moment’ occurs. It’s then that a surprise
manifests: the outward sign of an inward treasure.

‘Therefore those in this degree do not seek for great things to do,
resting contented with being what God makes them at each moment.’

Have you had any recent moments like these?

Why not share them here, to encourage others!

Word links
John 2:1-11
John 17:21
Matthew 6:33

 Madame Guyon, ‘Spiritual Torrents’ part 2, chapter 3

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Living for the more

Most of us spend our time in just 5% or less of what’s possible in Christ. This is because we get our security from what we already know. Yet God is saying ‘there is so much more. Be hungry for the more, by faith not sight. I’m ready to take you beyond yourselves into your impossible and my possible’.

Faith dreams, hearing God and courage to step out are just some key ingredients to entering God’s world, His kingdom. Then we can soak this tired old planet in His amazing love and righteousness.

Don’t live for anything less!

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Each Day

Bald Eagle flying and hunting

I wake and worship

Am lifted up and soar

Higher and higher


I hover, fluttering

Eagerly expectant

Then he comes


Holy Spirit carries me away

I’m riding his thermal wave

And so we begin another day



Word Links
Ezekiel 37:1
Acts 8:39-40



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Decision Time


Let’s not harmonise our lives with the ticking clock

But with the heart beat of God in heaven.

Time or relationship?

It’s our choice to make.

Word Links
Matthew 6:24
John 15:5

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Creating the Future

Let’s not devise our own future today.

But align with God and enter that which

He already has waiting for us in eternity.

Without a close relationship with Him we’ll miss it,

And merely recreate one

From the smallness of our own minds.

Word Links
Matthew 6:32-34
John 5:30 MSG
Ephesians 2:10

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Reach for the Stars

Business people look for ways to be successful. It is an ever-present search for material gain. A driving force that is common to all.

But does business practice have to be this way?

I don’t believe so.

In the early days of ‘Work with God’, almost two decades ago, God said something very different to me. After many months of desperate struggle to find the right work ideas He gave me a profound revelation:

‘Everything you need is to be found in Christ’.

And I received this only after I had laid down my life and all my own business ideas. I became empty and He filled me with Himself, replacing my good-ideas with His God-ideas.

Alongside this came a very instructive spiritual vision. I saw myself entering Dad’s office (His Kingdom Administration Centre) and happily presenting my good idea on a piece of paper. But as I held it out for Him to see, it burnt up in His Presence. I was mortified! But then Dad, with a kind face and a twinkle in His eye, took something from His pocket and offered it to me. It was a golden nugget, representing His idea, which I grabbed with relish. I couldn’t wait to put it into practice!

Business people search constantly for satisfaction in lucrative deals and ever increasing profit margins. But there is a spiritual journey we can all take that is way beyond this notion of success, and it comes when our deepest longings are fulfilled in Christ, and nowhere else.

If you want to travel around this planet and see every country there is, that’s fine. I’m sure you’ll have a great time. But this adventure in Christ will take you to the stars.

‘I’m in touch with what is beyond your horizons.’  Jesus said.
(John 8:23 MSG)

Word Links
Ephesians 1:3, 11-12 MSG
John 6:35, 12:24-26
Colossians 2:6-7


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Defining Success

A major bank ran this ad line:

‘Success is being the best in the business.’

For the Kingdom Pioneer it is not about being the best.

Competition doesn’t come into it at all.

Cooperation with the Holy Spirit is the essential requirement.

Christ is the King and it’s His kingdom company they build, not their own.



Success starts with knowing Jesus

The rest that follows is the development of that relationship

Word Link
Matthew 7:13-14 MSG

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